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STEM IA High School

High School Courses

Our high school programming is structured to meet the high standards of Alberta’s curriculum while allowing students flexibility to explore unique and innovative STEM courses. Our program prepares students for post-secondary studies through our exemplary programming and teaching, and helps students make informed choices about their education path beyond grade 12.

There are three components to our course offerings:

  • Core Courses delivered according to the Alberta curriculum in preparation for graduation
  • Honours Academies that offer challenging academic courses for motivated students (developed in conjunction with post-secondary experts)
  • Complementary Courses that provide numerous options to explore innovative STEM programming across a broad range of leading edge topics.

These courses are supported by Alberta’s first MIT Fab Lab – a digital fabrication facility providing formal links to 1750 labs in over 100 countries.

Alberta Curriculum

Core Courses

We follow Alberta Education’s Programs of Studies for all our core courses. We have high academic standards for all of our courses, and believe a well-rounded education is important for all students.

In addition to our complementary courses, below are the core courses available:

*Course availability is subject to minimum enrollment

Honours Academies

The Honours Academies at STEM IA provide next level learning opportunities for self-motivated students interested in research, academic challenge and deep scholarship. 

Students in these courses have the opportunity to go beyond the confines of the Alberta Program of Studies, exploring specific STEM topics in greater depth through the lens of technological applications. Reflecting STEM IA’s commitment to keeping pace with technological advancements in our programming, our course curricula will be developed and continuously reevaluated by advisory boards from Canadian post-secondary institutions and professionals in relevant STEM disciplines.

The preliminary Honours Academies are described below. Course offerings may change in response to student needs and interests.

Complementary Courses

At STEM Innovation Academy, complementary courses are organized and delivered in strands. Within each strand, courses build the knowledge and skills of that discipline in partnership with industry and post-secondary experts . Courses provide a scope and sequence of learning experiences that build foundational STEM skills, while using the design process to create innovative solutions to unique problems.

Students will choose courses from the different strands to develop a diverse set of knowledge, skills and experiences while developing and practicing interpersonal skills integral to success in the ever-evolving workforce.

Required Complementary Courses

Optional Complementary Courses

Health and Medical Sciences Courses

Many students are interested in future careers in the field of medicine and/or health sciences. Tremendous innovations are taking place in these fields – including right in our own backyard. Students have an opportunity to explore multiple facets of these exciting field through a unique selection of courses:

Business Courses

Technology is the future of every business.  Understanding key technologies, their applications and the potential transformative nature of new developments is critical for students moving forward. 

Are you more interested in real world applications of Artificial Intelligence than algorithms?  Would you like to understand how entrepreneurial thinking impacts technology adaptation?

Our program allows students to explore a wide variety of important technologies and their applications.  This knowledge helps students make informed decisions about the opportunities around them and their path beyond grade 12.